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SmallWorld is a social network module inspired by various tutorials found on the net, spiced with some jquery plugins to give it all a little more inline dynamics. While trying to do most operations from front-end.

The administration interface is secured from both smarty and php page to make it safer. It is possible that it complicates the 'modifying code' a little bit having to edit more than one place, but better that than the system is unsecure.

Here are some of the features you would find in the module.

- Enhanced profile page using google maps for city search which also makes the picture of your city can be displayed in your profile.
- Profile page also shows your age - and the countdown to your birthday. If today is your birthday displayed a special graphics by your birth date.
- Establish friendships with other users. (The other user will then receive an request which he can accept / not accept / or defer the decision)
- If accepted you will be able to read full text in their profile, follow their updates, see their photos and friends
- Inline updates ala twitter or facebook. Videos, audio and many other links will be embedded on your index and profile page.
- Like / dislike comments and updates from other users.
- Inline comments system
- Uploading images to your own image gallery
- Profile pages show only current user updates, etc.
- Index page displays yours and the users you follow updates.
- Admin can set a user on time-out or delete users. On frompage edit/delete comments and updates.
- Admin page shows the state of most active users, best rated and inline check for module updates
- If you select "Takeover profile links" in the preferences, all references to xoops profile page will be replaced with reference to the smallworld profile page for all users

I am currently doing some final tests and hope smallworld can be published within a very near future

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