culex Updated the smallworld module to RC12

This version is primemarely a bugfix update but does contain some new functions.

New features
- Admins can set startpage to be public and choose wich users - if not all - will be visible on this page.
- Every post display a permalink icon to open thread in new window.
- Users can choose personal security settings. Show posts / comments to anonymous users (if admin should give that priv.)
- Updated all jQuery to newest versioning. Image upload is most noticeable update.

A few new language defines also. I have added to all (french / russian / Spanish / danish) but as original english so easier spottet.

1) fresh install is like any other module install.
2) UPDATING from previous version.
- Upload as normal.
- Goto administration/smallworld admin.
- Refresh module in module administration
- Done

Download here

Suggestions / Bugs / etc in this thread

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